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Why the Trayvon Martin killing isnt racist, its the truth.

Let’s face it.

As a mmeber of the black, we have heard this story many times before. A Black man gets killed and the white man gets off.

Unfortunately this time for the white (or hispanic) guy, voices have raised the issue of shooting someone point blank in the chest and calling it self defense.

But above all else, this case has brought to the forefront the issue of racial profiling and stereotyping in this country. Unfortunately for most people, black people don’t care about that issue.

We know it happens. We get profiled everyday, we are arrested for dumb mistakes everyday, and we go to prison for nothing everyday. EVERY DAY.

The problem that black people have with this incident is not just that Zimmerman was most likely racist towards black people, but that if a black guy who was a neighborhood watch captain had shot anyone (Black, White, Alien), he would have been arrested immediately. That’s our issue.

You want to know why so many of us are mad, up in arms about the situation, or ready to start a search party for zimmerman? Because every single one of us has a story about people of other races treating us like crap, especially when it wasn’t justified. And those other persons are getting AWAY with it!

When a group of people see first hand the oppression from another group of people, then a spark is ignited from an incident like Trayvon’s, you can only imagine the outrage from an already oppressed group. Add on to that the fact that justice is a one way mirror: we step out of line, and our punishments are more than three times as likely to be jail time than whites.

So when we see the senseless death of Trayvon, and the man who shot him isn’t even kept overnight in a cell, I would consider it insane if black people didn’t stand up to this clear injustice.

We yell racism because that is what we see. And just because we yell race doesn’t mean other factors aren’t at play, but racism definitely is. Hopefully one day I will not have to think of myself as black first before anything else when walking into certain neighborhood or driving in a certain car, but today is not that day.

And that’s the double truth, Ruth.

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